De Luxe

$90 + 18% Service Charge + Tax
Cold Appetizers
Assorted Smoked Fish
Assorted Cured Meat
Assorted Pickled Vegetables
Asian Style Eggplants with Almonds
Kani Salad
De Luxe Salad
Sesame Tuna Salad
French Salad
Greek Salad
Caprese Salad
Chilled Italian Seafood Salad
Hot Appetizers
Fried Potatoes w/Garlic
Puffed Meat Tarts
Julienne baked with Cheese
Deep Fried Basa with Truffle Sauce
Roasted Stuffed with Chicken
Main Course
Veal Shish-Kebab
Chicken Shish-Kebab
Pork Shish-Kebab
Pastries, Coffee, Tea
Children Under the Age of 12-50% of the Price. Personal Checks Are Not Accepted. A Credit Card Processing Fee 3.99 % is applied for all Credit or Debit Cards.
11058 Rennard St
PA 19116
Phone: 215-677-9337
Weddings, Birthdays,
Promotions, and
many more..